Peace Lily

Music / 4 mins 48 secs
Jason Singh & Katie Chatburn presents
Peace Lily is a unique triadic music collaboration between sound artist and nature beatboxer, Jason Singh; musical director and composer/arranger Katie Chatburn of Ignition Orchestra and a houseplant called Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum).

Part of HOME’s Homemakers project

The essence of this project is based on Jason’s ongoing interest and exploration of the concept “plant as composer”, whereby artists are forced to be inspired and led by nature itself. This is an exciting prospect for composers and arrangers to work with non-audible living organisms as fellow collaborators. It leads us to radically re-think the traditional notions of composition and also writing for orchestras and ensembles. It also hopes to raise the awareness of our physical and mental well-being, and the pressing issues relating to our dependency and connection to nature, wildlife, landscape, climate and environment.

The music has been realised by a process known as data harvesting. Bio feedback sensors were attached to leaves on Peace Lily and these pick up small electrical currents generated by the plant which are in turn are converted into musical notes played back through software. The compositions were then arranged by Katie with strings by Dorry Macaulay and a final mix by Nic Rowley.

Audiences are encouraged to sit, sleep, meditate and contemplate throughout the piece.



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