Nudo mixteco introduction

Director Ángeles Cruz gives an introduction to the film Nudo mixteco showing at HOME as part of ¡Viva! 28th Spanish & Latin American Festival

About Nudo mixteco
In a Mixtec village in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, we follow the intertwining stories of three indigenous women facing challenges within the traditionally macho community. María returns home for her mother’s funeral and must confront her father’s prejudice against her sexuality. Chabela is forced to defend herself in a village asamblea called by her absentee husband. Toña confronts her family about the abuse that has affected her and now her daughter. A unique gem of a film brimming with female empowerment on and off screen, Nudo mixteco offers a wonderful insight into contemporary customs and practices; the trio of tales are masterfully interwoven using overlapping time frames and a deliberate circularity that reflects the Mixtec non-linear approach to time.

¡Viva! 28th Spanish & Latin American Festival features 50 screenings of 21 films from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Fri 18 Mar 2022 – Thu 7 Apr 2022 at HOME Manchester.